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Railserve's Mark Bradshaw Recognized by Two Leading Rail Industry Associations

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ATLANTA, GA—June 21, 2011 (James Street Media Services)—Railserve, the leading North American provider of in-plant rail switching and associated services in the United States and Canada, is pleased to announce that Mark Bradshaw, marketing director, has been recognized with awards from the following prestigious rail industry associations:

"NARS is very pleased to honor Mark with this most deserving award. He has consistently given his all for the betterment and advancement of NARS, its regional associations, and the rail industry as a whole," said Allan Roach, who was president of the NARS board of directors at the time of the awards presentation.

NARS is the umbrella organization that links five regional associations of rail owners, vendors and users in Canada, Mexico and the United States, including SEARS.

SEARS serves a regional membership in the southeastern states. Members represent such areas as heavy and light industry, mining, consumer products, forest products, agriculture, port operations and service organizations.

Pat McGrath, president of the SEARS board of directors said, "Mark's contribution to our organization has been invaluable. He is a revered past president of our organization and this award is a small thanks for all he has done for our region and our industry." Mark has been a member of SEARS since 2000.

Mark joined Railserve in 1999 with 23 years experience in the paper industry. His career includes Union Camp Corporation and International Paper. Previously, Mark held positions in Transportation Operations, Railroad Track Maintenance, Sales and Corporate Purchasing. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from The College of William and Mary.

About Railserve

Railserve is the leading provider of in-plant rail switching and associated services—operating in more than 70 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Railserve manufactures the Railserve LEAF GenSet Locomotive at its Longview, Texas facility. Railserve uses its own locomotives and employees to safely move railcars within industrial, manufacturing and production plants. In addition, Railserve provides other services including railcar loading and unloading; track maintenance, inspection and repair; and more.

Railserve is a Marmon Group/Berkshire Hathaway company.

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